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100% Herbal and Natural

NB Labs Organic Superfoods are 100 % herbal and natural to get the best out of nature. The ingredients used, have chosen with care from nourishing soils which give natural daily nourishment.

Globally Certified

NB Labs Superfoods are certified for being 100% organic. We have engaged in the cultivation and processing of food-grade Superfoods. Our products and activities are certified to USDA organic and globally organic certification by Ecocert France.

100 % Vegan (Dairy-free product)

As published in the libraries of medicine, it is estimated that 75% of humans have degrees of lactose intolerance post-infancy. Our Superfoods helps to have nourishment in Vegan way, i.e., without the effects of Lactose helping elimination of the effects caused by milk consumption.

100% Vegetarian

NB Labs Superfoods have a global Organic certification from Ecocert, France. Being 100% organic, our Superfoods containing more beneficial nutrients such as antioxidants, since they eliminate the use of harmful pesticides and are free from GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). We Organic Superfoods have way more nutrients (proteins, vitamins, amino acids) than Synthesized Superfoods.

No Added Artificial Colours/ Preservatives

Artificial colours and preservatives are a big No-No for NB Labs. We developed our superfoods to retain its natural colour with good intention. The dry form of our Superfoods makes its nutrition intact and highly digestible for your body to intake the most of it.

No Sugar

We don’t use sugar or artificial sweeteners for our Superfoods. They have a natural typical seaweed taste coming from the mother nature. Therefore, our Superfoods can be used by diabetics without a hint of thought.

100% Gluten-Free

Gluten is harmful to the small intestine as it leads to fatigue, indigestion, bloating etc. Our Superfoods are thus made to be a Gluten free product keeping you free from celiac diseases.

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