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Spirulina is one of the best superfoods, which contains the maximum nutrition required by the human body. Spirulina is one type of blue-green algae. This spirulina is a microscopic freshwater organism. It is also known as cyanobacteria. It contains B vitamins, beta-carotene, and vitamin.

We normally use two types of spirulina maxima and Spirulina platensis. These occur naturally in warm, alkaline, salty water. Spirulina is the best source of protein. According to WHO (World Health Organisation), spirulina is the best food to fight malnutrition. According to recent studies, spirulina contains more than 60% of protein in it. Spirulina contains a protein similar to animal protein but does not contain any saturated fats or antibiotics found in some meats.

How to Produce Organic Spirulina

The scientific name of Spirulina is Arthrospira platensis. The organic Spirulina plant is popular among people for its nutritional value. It contains essential nutrients vitamins, proteins, antioxidants, and minerals. It grows naturally in warm alkaline water. It grows properly in the temperature range of 30 to 35 degrees Celsius.

  On the other hand, Spirulina grows well on inorganic materials. Therefore, organic spirulina does not get well as the name. Therefore, herbal powder manufacturers need a plastic or concrete tank to grow Spirulina. Best Spirulina manufacturers and suppliers in India prepare Spirulina powder and tablets for the people.

  The Spirulina Company in India cultivates Spirulina in subtropical climate conditions for commercial purposes. Its proper growth depends on other factors, including wind, rain, radiation, and temperature variation. Moreover, the proper growth of the Spirulina requires adequate sunlight throughout the year. Light concentration causes a major impact on Spirulina’s growth.  The occurrence of the red, white, and green light in Spirulina adds the maximum protein content. During the cultivation cycle of Spirulina, it is necessary to maintain the standard water quality. The cultivators can retain that water quality by getting the restrained water solution to add to the cultivation.

Organic Spirulina
Organic Spirulina Tablets

Benefits of Organic Spirulina Tablets

The most popular food supplement is Spirulina. Spirulina is regarded as a superfood containing vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. Moreover, the companies are making organic spirulina tablets for people. The Spirulina Tablets Manufacturer in India is NB Laboratories, and the company is trying to intact all the nutrients in the tablet form of Spirulina. People can have tablets to get the benefits.


  • Oxidative damage is harmful to the body. However, the damage happening due to chronic inflammation causes cancer. Spirulina tablets are a fantastic source of antioxidants that protects the body from oxidative damage.
  • Many risk factors associated with heart disease include the high levels of bad cholesterol present in the body. Take spirulina tablets daily to control the LDL levels in the body.
  • The evidence has suggested that Spirulina contains anti-cancer properties.
    Spirulina tablets are useful to control mouth cancer and tumor size.
  • High blood pressure causes other health complications such as heart attacks, strokes, and kidney diseases. Keep the blood pressure levels in control by taking one spirulina tablet daily with an empty stomach to get the best results.
  • Spirulina tablet is the main aid to control diabetes in human beings. Buy the Best Spirulina Tablets from NB Laboratories.

Benefits of Organic Spirulina Powder

NB Laboratories is the Spirulina Powder Manufacturers in India that produces quality products. Spirulina is popular among people because it is the top quality superfood containing multiple vitamins and minerals essential to keep the body healthy and fight aging signs. The Spirulina plant grows well in fresh and salty water. Therefore, the benefits of organic spirulina powder are as follows:


  • Spirulina has considered one of the powerful antioxidants that can fight the signs of inflammation happening in the body. It provides protection to the human body from oxidative damage.
  • Spirulina powder is effective in lowering bad cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Some evidence suggested the anti-cancer properties of Spirulina.
  • People suffering from high blood pressure should start taking spirulina powder daily. They can buy it from the Organic Spirulina Powder Suppliers in India. Take a dose of 4.5 grams of Spirulina powder daily to control the blood pressure levels in the body.
  • It decreases the infection and inflammation happening in the nasal passageways.
  • Spirulina is one of the popular alternatives to treat nasal-related allergies happening in human beings. Buy organic Spirulina from the Best Spirulina Powder Supplier NB Laboratories.
Organic spirulina powder
organic spirulina capsules

Benefits of Organic Spirulina Capsules

Spirulina is an algae type that naturally grows in mineral-rich waters. It is a dark green powder available in the organic spirulina capsule form. It is a type of food supplement. Furthermore, it can keep the body healthy. Do you want to keep your body fit and healthy? Try the Spirulina capsules. NB Laboratories does the manufacturing of it. Spirulina is the storehouse of essential minerals, nutrients, and vitamins.


  • A storehouse of antioxidants: Inflammation happening in the body causes oxidative damage. Consume Spirulina capsules to increase the intake of antioxidants in the body.
  • Keep the blood pressure in control: The daily dose of Spirulina in 4.5 grams of quantity in the capsule is helpful to control the levels of blood pressure in the body. It can reduce the systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels in a person.
  • Contains anti-cancer properties: Spirulina is effective as it contains anti-cancer properties that can control inflammation in the body. Doctors advise the patients to take regular capsules to control the cancer cells and diminish them with time.
  • Helpful to manage the cholesterol levels in the body: The studies have suggested that the Spirulina capsules are adequate to keep the LDL harmful cholesterol levels under control in the body. Buy the Spirulina capsules from the Spirulina Capsules Manufacturers and take them regularly to maintain cholesterol levels in the body.

Normally if we start talking about Spirulina and its benefits then I think, one whole day is less to explain its benefits because it contains the maximum nutrition which we required. Below is the list of its nutrition moringa contains

  • Spirulina contains 20 types of amino acids
  • It contains 46 antioxidants
  • It contains 36 anti-inflammatory compounds
  • More than 90 nutrients, which makes it one of the best nutritional supplements
  • Spirulina contains iron, almost all the vitamins, potassium, zinc, and calcium
  • Spirulina is a good source of protein and dietary fiber.

There are the number of benefits of spirulina but there are few given below.

1) Spirulina is one of the best protein-rich food

Spirulina is famous for many benefits of it but the best one is its protein content. Spirulina normally contains more than 60% of protein in it.

2) Spirulina works as antioxidant

Antioxidants are those compounds, which combat cell damage and DNA damages that causes cancer and other diseases. There are some antioxidants form in body and others found in food.

3) Spirulina is extremely high in nutrients

Spirulina is a type of cyanobacteria, therefore it produce energy via photosynthesis. It contains maximum percentage of protein, which is more than 60% of its total. Spirulina contains protein, vitamins, copper, iron, zinc and many more other nutrients.

4) It can help in maintaining cholesterol level

One of the main reason for unnatural death is heart disease and the cause of these heart attacks are cholesterol. Spirulina can lower LDL, which also called as bad cholesterol and increases HDL, which is good cholesterol and maintains the cholesterol level.

5) Spirulina has anti-cancer properties

According to a study, spirulina has anti-cancer properties. This research indicates that spirulina can reduce cancer cells and tumour size. Scientist has studied well on oral cancer. The study examined on 87 people and found out that who took 1-gram spirulina daily reduces their tumour up to 46%.

6) Spirulina reduces blood pressure

According to study if someone is taking 5 to 7 gram of spirulina per day then it, reduce blood pressure with normal levels. This reduction occurs because of increased production of nitric oxide, which reduces blood pressure.

7) Spirulina improves muscle strength

In the human body, oxygen is one of the factors, which affects energy generation. Normally spirulina increases the oxygen level in our blood and because of which energy level increases. This increase in energy level ultimately improves the muscle strength.

For different purposes, we required a different amount of spirulina per day like for blood pressure 3 to 5 per gram, for muscle performance 2 to 5 gram etc, but normally 4 to 6 grams of spirulina per day is the best dose people should take.

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