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Spirulina Industries of NB Laboratories Pvt Ltd is spread over 15 acres of Land and over 8 Acres of Pond Area. The Spirulina has grown in a pollution freecontrolled environment, away from any other Industry. All the major operations at the plant are automated. The Special Harvesting Technology makes our Spirulina different from others in Bacteriological and Chemical Quality……Read More

Our Global Certifications

USDA Organic




ISO 9001

ISO 9001

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HALAL 1797

HALAL 1797

FSSC 22000

FSSC 22000





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Our Organic Superfoods

Organic Spirulina

 Organic Spirulina

We normally use two types of spirulina maxima and Spirulina platensis. These occur naturally in warm, alkaline, salty water. Spirulina is the best source of protein. According to WHO (World Health Organisation), spirulina is the best food to fight malnutrition. According to recent studies, spirulina contains more than 60% of the protein in it. All the Quality and Safety measures were taken under the certification of FSSAI, USDA Organic, EU certification, and Ecocert.


Organic Wheat Grass

We can grow wheat grass indoor as well as outdoors. For wheat grass manufacturing, we dehydrate wheatgrass at low temperature and then we make its powder after that, we sold it in different forms. Wheat grass powder is a nutrition rich, which contains different types of vitamins, niacin, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, and selenium and many more content. Wheat grass is also a protein rich source.

Organic Wheat grass
Organic Moringa

Organic Moringa

Moringa Powder always manufactures from the freshly harvested leaves of the moringa plant. Moringa leaves are deep green in color and it smells like a rich nut. We manufacture moringa powder at low temperature, then we remove the impurities by screening and then manufactures its tablet and capsules. Moringa is extremely nutritious that is why we use it to reduce swelling to boost immunity and many more.

Organic Barley Grass

Organic Barley grass has used by many civilizations as a portion of food but ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Roman and Indian civilization used it as a superfood thousand years ago. They have used it in their soldier’s diet for overall strength and to boost their energy. Normally it comes in two forms first one is Barley grass powder and another one is juice form.


Organic Barley Grass
Organic Alfafa

Organic Alfalfa

Alfalfa Leaf Powder is a treasured ancient herbal supplement and is one of the oldest superfoods in the world.  Its name, “Alfalfa” comes from the Arabic language and means “father of all foods”. Alfalfa is a green superfood that is abundant in vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll. It derives its impeccable nutrition from roots that reach deep into layers of soil to absorb nutrients.

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