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Highligted Sign of Protien Defeciency


Having mood swings/feeling Anxious + Confusion

Amino acids, which is the simplest form of the protein is required by neurotransmitters to maintain proper functioning of the nervous system. Neurotransmitters help to concentrate, focus and maintain proper communication between the brain and other organs of the body. If the body does not receive its daily requirement of protein, mental health is adversely affected resulting in mood swings, lack of concentration and anxiety.


Feeling Lazy and Weakness

Protein enhances muscle tissues. And so it must be taken in adequate amount and that too on a regular basis. With deficiency of this, muscle tissues weakens and hence the body becomes inactive. This leads to tiredness and lethargy.


If you have Hair/Skin and Nail Problems

Hair, nails and skin are all made of keratin, which is a type of protein. Protein not only helps in the growth of hair skin and nails, but also protect them from external and internal damaging. Thus deficiency of protein disrupts the healthy growth leading to thinning & weak hair, dry skin and brittle nails.


Having Belly Fat issues or improper Metabolism

Everyone who is undergoing weight loss must consume protein daily. Protein helps in preservation of lean mass and fastens fat burning. It also maintains the level of sugar in the body and hence reduces the temptation and carving for fast food.


Having Less Immunity and Allergy problems 

Protein not only helps in body building but also supports the immune system of the body. Regular intakes of this enhances immunity and its’ deficiency does the reverse. Protein increases the no. Of WBCs (white blood cells) which fight against external germs like bacteria, viruses, etc. Since protein helps the body to fight against such micro-organisms, it keeps the body away from random allergies.


Feeling Weak or Loss of Strength with Age 

Yes growing age causes gradual tiredness and inactivity. But what if you can stop this? Yes with proper intake of protein. After 30, muscles starts losing strength and mass, but consumption of protein along with proper exercising will retain this process and will the body active even after aging.



Body Aches and Slow Healing of Injuries

Protein helps in repairing damaged body tissues. When the body lacks this protein, joints and muscles stiffen and tightens causing body aches. Muscle tissue weakens and becomes more prone to injuries. Deficiency of protein also results in a delay of repairing of damaged tissues and spirulina is the richest source of protein.

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    What amount of protein does your body need?

    We say: It's linked to your life as much as Aadhar Card to your bank A/c.

    Here's the factual Info:
    (based on The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, these stats are represented by over 100,000 credentialed practitioners). Based on per kilogram of body weight:
    0.7 - 1.1g of protein for normal requirement
    1.1 - 1.75g of protein for normal exercise
    1.45 - 1.8g of protein for muscle building
    1.4 - 2.1g of protein for intensified training

    A person weighing 55 kgs should consume:
    45 - 50 grams of protein per day for simple requirement
    80 - 100 grams of Protein per day for intensified Training.

    Our upward Trend:

    At NB Laboratory, we believe in the integrity of our products to spread this knowledge to one and all, and provide our customers the best solution.

    Are you Vegetarian?

    We have the best support for you

    A survey has proved that about 90% of the vegetarian food products lack the right amount of protein, which might actually create problems for your health.


    A major reason behind this is the fact that plants never provide the complete protein needed for our body. Moreover, quality protein sources are very limited in plants based food products.

    Nutritional chart (per 100 grams):
    Lentils (Daal): 9.5g protein, 20g carbohydrates
    Broccoli: 2.7g protein, 7.5g carbohydrates
    Sprouts: 4.5g protein, 2g carbohydrates
    Mixed Vegetables: 5.5g protein, 24.5g carbohydrates
    Quinoa: 8g protein, 39.5g carbohydrates

    What's Next?

    NB Lab's natural spirulina is the ultimate super food supplement for vegetarians to enhance their health create a long term health benefits.


    We say: Get the feeling of being complete

    To get the maximum output from gym and exercise, a proper food suppliment is extremely important. Spirulina is the ultimate stop for all round benefit of your gym and exercise. It's purely Natural Plant Protein + a superfood supplement for athletes.

    Give it a Pace:

    Protein: NB Labs prepares 100% pure and natural Spirulina having highest protein content. It is the right food supplement for each & everyone to improve their health in general and strengthen immunity. It provides extra energy while you are on hard exercises.

    Multi-Greens: Spirulina is a super-food, extremely high in nutrients. It Contains Iron which is which 58 times richer than spinach and 28 times richer than raw beef liver. It gives you the feeling of extreme relaxatation after some heavy work-out.

    Natural Antioxidants: Spirulina at NB Labs helps to detox Heavy Metals from Body. It contains Vitamins B-1, B-5 and B-6, the mineral Zinc, Manganese, Copper and Amino acid. This encapsulates free radicals and provide your body the best benefit as Antioxidants.


    Are the Non-Vegetarians fine?

    Not totally fine

    High-technology research in India has proved that about 80-90% of non-vegetarians lack the necessary protein. Just being a non-veg doesn't give you green signal to permanent fitness.

    Protein: the easiest to skip.

    Just having a certain amount of eggs or some specific food items in your breakfast or dinner, such as 100g of chicken (29g protein) or a couple of eggs (6g in whole, 3g in white) isn't enough for your body building. Our busy lifestyles lead us to create such deficiency.

    What's Next?

    At the very outset, one must be aware of what your body needs. Then you just need to find the best possibe resources. It’s a natural fact that proteins can't be stored for long in our body. It needs to be delivered out during the day. So just check your body's requirement and include Spirulina in your daily diet to get the desired result.

    Diet conscious individuals

    Gained weight?

    Then your body is prone to many obesity related diseases.

    Obesity is one of the upcomming issue in our nation.

    Why is this becomming a major issue?

    Due to availability of fast foods at doorstep, which not only lacks protein but also stimulates the brain to have more and more is the most important factor of increased no. of overweight people in our country. Also very rarely, people exercise on a regular basis.

    How to overcome obesity?

    Protein must be taken in a regular amount along with daily exercising to overcome obesity and all the diseases related to it.

    A good protein intake along with regular exercise entails with leptin (satiety-boosting hormone in brain) and majorly reduces the craving of wrong foods.

    Busy Schedules

    Most of us have a very busy schedule.

    Not so busy to avoid late meetings, weekend outings, picnics, etc. But busy enough to avoid a balanced diet.

    People tend to avoid their health, we advise not to.

    Ever thought why you undergo laziness, fatigue, stress, etc daily?

    What to do?

    Well this is the reason. Health is Wealth, and NB labs abide by this.

    Spirulina comes with a great combination of organic ingredients to provide you with all the nutrients equivalent to that in a balanced diet to enhance your health.

    So now no making excuses that your daily lifestyle hinders you to stay healthy. All you have to do is daily consume spirulina.

    Fast Food / Sweets lover

    Cannot reduce weight because of your excessive temptation towards junk food?

    The choice is yours

    In India the number of overweight people are more than no. of underweight people. India is anticipated to lead the world in metabolic syndrome and lifestyle problems by 2020.

    The more you eat sugary/processed food, the more is carving for such foods.

    Why is it so?

    Consumption of such food stimulates the brain receptors to have more and more.
    These food increase the secretion of Neuropeptide Y, which increases such carving.

    Spirulina has the solution for this too.

    Spirulina's protein increases the brain sensitivity and signals the brain when your stomach is full and you do not need more neither you will carve for the same.

    You are not a Professional Bodybuilder

    Your body does not require protein because you are not a professional

    Is a complete myth

    Protein is not meant for only body builders, engulf this in your mind. Everyone and anyone requires protein.

    Almost all the protein supplements enhances body builders in their advertisement hence creating a mindset that everyone does not require protein. But most of these supplements have artificial protein.

    Say a bye bye to these synthetic Supplements

    Spirulina thus comes with a blend of natural and organic ingredients to treat your body with natural protein.

    Ball is in your court

    Natural protein will helps in growth of body, quick healing of dead tissues and replenishes your skin.

    Frequent Travellers

    Is travelling is your next excuse to avoid healthy diets?

    We have the most useful travel buddy for you

    Travelling creates a lot of problems to find a healthy and balanced diet, especially when you on your way to the destination.

    Limited source of protein

    When you’re on a plane, the only food that’s available is salt-filled & preservative-heavy food. So the traveller is not left with any option but to have those fast foods that are available along the journey.

    We have a solution to this problem as well.

    Our ready -to -eat anywhere and anytime spirulina packs will do the needful and neither let your body starve for protein nor carve for fast foods.

    Pregnant and Nursing women

    Because pregnant and nursing women require a diet with all the necessary nutrients.

    But what are these necessary nutrients? And will you get these from your regular diet?

    Pregnancy is the most beautiful stage for any women’s life and she tries her best to make sure her baby stays healthy. She never misses any opportunity to remain healthy after the gestation period as she has to feed her baby. But are you sure you’re doing justice in your diet?

    Adapt the concept of Green Parenting!


    But why children be given medicine if they are perfectly fine.

    Spirulina is a health supplement!
    The toddlers are in their growing stage and hence require a lot of nutrients for their growing cells, tissues, muscles and bone.
    Children require ample amount of protein, carbohydrates, iron, vitamin A, etc. Being aware of children’s tantrums while having a meal, it is difficult for his parents to make sure that their child is getting all the nutrients.

    Here’s the solution:
    Spirulina can help the parent a lot to overcome this. Just 2-3 tablets a day, and your child got the nutrients that were supposed to be gained from a balanced diet.

    Senior Citizens

    We already have a list of medicines and do not wish to add more.

    Because you cannot have all the food items served on the table due to your sugar, kidney or other health problems.

    A balanced diet is required by everyone, no matter what the age is. But it is simply not possible for an old man to have such a diet due to digestion problems, or sugar or blood pressure level does not allow them to have sweet or salty food items. This results in deficiency of one or more nutrients: Carbohydrates, Protein and Folic Acids are the basic requirements for an old aged. But most of the sources have a high calorie content which is not recommended for consumption.

    Spirulina is the best source of all these.

    Being natural and easy to consume, it is best recommended to all oldies to gain their lost energy, vitality and Stamina.