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Highligted Sign of Protien Defeciency

1. Having mood swings/feeling Anxious + Confusion
Amino acids, which is the simplest form of the protein is required by neurotransmitters to maintain proper functioning of the nervous system. Neurotransmitters help to concentrate, focus and maintain proper communication between the brain and other organs of the body. If the body does not receive its daily requirement of protein, mental health is adversely affected resulting in mood swings, lack of concentration and anxiety.

2. Feeling Lazy and Weakness
Protein enhances muscle tissues. And so it must be taken in adequate amount and that too on a regular basis. With deficiency of this, muscle tissues weakens and hence the body becomes inactive. This leads to tiredness and lethargy.

3. If you have Hair/Skin and Nail Problems
Hair, nails and skin are all made of keratin, which is a type of protein. Protein not only helps in the growth of hair skin and nails, but also protect them from external and internal damaging. Thus deficiency of protein disrupts the healthy growth leading to thinning & weak hair, dry skin and brittle nails.

4. Having Belly Fat issues or improper Metabolism
Everyone who is undergoing weight loss must consume protein daily. Protein helps in preservation of lean mass and fastens fat burning. It also maintains the level of sugar in the body and hence reduces the temptation and carving for fast food.

5. Having Less Immunity and Allergy problems
Protein not only helps in body building but also supports the immune system of the body. Regular intakes of this enhances immunity and its’ deficiency does the reverse. Protein increases the no. Of WBCs (white blood cells) which fight against external germs like bacteria, viruses, etc. Since protein helps the body to fight against such micro-organisms, it keeps the body away from random allergies.

6. Feeling Weak or Loss of Strength with Age
Yes growing age causes gradual tiredness and inactivity. But what if you can stop this? Yes with proper intake of protein. After 30, muscles starts losing strength and mass, but consumption of protein along with proper exercising will retain this process and will the body active even after aging.

7. Body Aches and Slow Healing of Injuries
Protein helps in repairing damaged body tissues. When the body lacks this protein, joints and muscles stiffen and tightens causing body aches. Muscle tissue weakens and becomes more prone to injuries. Deficiency of protein also results in a delay of repairing of damaged tissues and spirulina is the richest source of protein.

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