Spirulina comes in the form of tablets/capsules but isn’t a type of medicine as we usually think. Following the principle “prevention is better than cure”, we at NB Labs believe that spirulina aids you to “prevention”. It works perfectly like a supplement when you consume in the time of your illness or sickness. It not only removes your illness but also strengthens your immunity system to fight other diseases. These are some of the benefits of spirulina why people mostly prefer spirulina over any other supplements.

Ans. It is difficult to take food items in a large quantity to gain the right amount nutrients. For eg: 100g of Rajma will provide you 5 mg of iron, but 100g of Spirulina provides 28.5 mg of Iron.

Always ask for the Organic certification from your supplier of spirulina. There are many Spirulina manufacturers in India who synthesize their products with chemicals.

Spirulina has a typical seaweed odour being a 100% natural product & manufactured without any addition of outside chemicals.

Ans. A typical daily dose of spirulina is 2-3 grams (4-6 tablets a day). But you can always check what your daily nutrient requirement is and then consume accordingly.

Spirulina contains a high concentration of the protein (Keratin) that acts as a building block for hair. There are many benefits of Spirulina & is being widely used for promoting hair growth and to combat hair problems like thinning hair, dandruff issues and baldness.

Yes, it is definitely safe to take spirulina during pregnancy. Spirulina contains all types of extra nutrients that are required during pregnancy. But we do recommend that one must consult doctor during the crucial period of pregnancy.

No. As of now, no side effects of Spirulina have been rendered to us.

Yes, the abundance of nutrients found in spirulina help the body flush the toxins out at a more gradual pace, making it easier and more bearable. One of which is Gamma linolenic acid (GLA) found in abundance in spirulina, is converted to prostaglandin which helps speed up the process of menstruation.While consuming Spirulina, the time preceding menstruation is more comfortable & relaxing. It is also helpful during menopause.

Ans. We say, try it yourself for a month and let the results automatically make you habituated to it.

Ans. There is no such restrictions while having spirulina, you can have it in empty as well as full stomach.

Ans. Spirulina is for every individual who wishes to stay healthy. So it is not necessary to consult a doctor. However, if you wish, you can visit a doctor before consuming it.

Ans. Yes, surely you can do that. It is suggested to add Spirulina to coconut water, milk or a smoothie to dilute its’ taste.

Ans. You can add Spirulina in your desserts or shakes in order to consume it without experiencing Spirulina’s awful taste. In fact, because of the benefits of spirulina, our clients from China sprinkle Spirulina powder on their everyday meals.

NB Labs is manufacturing Organic Certified Spirulina authorised by the foreign body Ecocert, France. Our Spirulina has been scientifically proved by UNO and authorised bodies (ISO) to be 100% organic, natural and safe to use.

Spirulina produced under the new USDA National Organic Program, which was effective for Spirulina production as of October 21, 2005. The rules eliminate use of Chilean Sodium Nitrate & Acetic Acid as an approved fertilizer. Chilean Sodium Nitrate is created through natural atmospheric processes and is completely natural and organic; however, it has potential to contaminate ground water when used to grow crops on soil.

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