Spirulina Powder

Spirulina Powder-A Bestselling Gluten-Free Vegan Supplement

NB laboratory is a prominent brand with the specific infrastructure to harvest Spirulina hygienically. We have ponds, which are stretched throughout a vast area. So, we cultivate these blue-green microalgae with the touch of open air. Thus, our exclusive algae harvesting infrastructure ensures the intact quality of micronutrients in our bestselling Organic Spirulina Powder.

As a prominent Spirulina Powder Supplier, we always consider the environmental parameters for safe and standard quality Spirulina cultivation. Our Spirulina powder comes with a tangy flavor and punchy smell, which can bring a different taste to fruit juices and smoothies. Our organic Spirulina powder not only makes the juices or smoothies highly nutritious but also increases the feeling of fullness. So, health-conscious people love adding our Spirulina powder to their daily diet to escape overeating.

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The people following a weight-loss journey can intake Spirulina powder as a supplement as they can grab every healthy twist of a gluten-free, vegan supplement from it.

Spirulina – A Powerhouse of Antioxidants

Spirulina is one of the most popular vegan supplements across the world. Our organic Spirulina powder contains brain-cell boosting antioxidants. As the ancient Aztec messengers took this plant-based extract to raise their efficiency level, it became famous due to its historical value. But, as a natural source of antioxidants, the Spirulina supplement offers top-notch protection against the effects of free radicals. Its antioxidant properties always work the best to decrease peroxidation in lipid profiles. Research on 37 people, who suffered from high blood sugar levels, shows how the power of Spirulina antioxidants enzymes prevents the oxidative damage of cells. Therefore, by adding 1 gram of Spirulina powder to daily diets, sugar patients can grab the fantastic health benefits.

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