With the increasing day to day adulterated supplements, the best quality and health supplements which are required by the body are not easily available in the market.

As a pioneer in the all natural supplements and superfood frontier, NB Laboratories boasts of a Research and Development Department (R & D) that leads product innovation in a complex and diverse market and works concurrently with a domestic Quality Control Department (QCD) consisting of qualified and thoroughly experienced staff.

Respect, pride, and integrity for our work process and product is something important to NB Laboratories employees at every level. Employee training programs and accounts of raw materials and finished products, as well as those involved in the process currently, are well documented and regularly maintained. Raw materials and finished products are approved for production and sale respectively only after the aforementioned exhaustive testing process to ensure a quality product.

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A firm set of objectives and core values, as well as exceptional research and development, guarantees an organic, superior supplement designed for adaptability and progress. At NB Laboratories we aim not only to perfect the present but also to ensure buyers with the tools they need to master their future.

Our Certified Organic Spirulina is a one of a kind ingredient able to truly supply the functional diversity and high performance that Spirulina supplements promise with no long term or short term detriments. We are one of the top spirulina manufacturers in India & the standard that NB Labs holds customer satisfaction to is nationally appropriated and displayed proudly in our functional and elite supplement range, which is meticulously engineered at chemical and microbiological levels by our staff and tested to exhaustion to ensure that all NB LABS athletes and consumers receive only the finest food and athletic supplements.

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