What Makes Organic Spirulina a Nutritional Superstar?

Organic Spirulina

The whole world knows spirulina is as the superfood. It is also well known that organic spirulina is near perfect. It is a nutritional superstar of the century, but the question most of the people having is what makes it a nutritional superstar? The answer is here.

Benefits of organic spirulina

There are a number of benefits, which makes organic spirulina a nutritional superstar. Below are few

1] First of all spirulina is both, saltwater and freshwater blue-green algae with its powerful health benefits.

2] Spirulina is a sustainable food source with the full potential to end world’s hunger problem and make everyone healthy.

3] It has been found that spirulina successfully treat all wide range of ailments like arsenic poisoning and allergic rhinitis hence we should use spirulina regularly to avoid it.

4] Spirulina may lower our risk of stroke, cancer, paralysis similarly, it used to cure AIDS or HIV.

5] Many clinical studies and scientific studies have suggested that spirulina effects ranging from reduction of cholesterol and cancer.

6] Spirulina is so nutritionally perfect that NASA and European Space Agency are also researching spirulina for incorporating into astronaut’s diets.

7] The United Nations has approved spirulina as primary ingredients for fighting against malnutrition worldwide, therefore, we can say that it is globally accepted.

8] It contains the maximum percentage of protein content as compared to other protein reach food on earth. Spirulina contains almost 60-69% of the protein in it.

9] Spirulina contains 18 different types of amino acids including all essential and non-essential amino acids.

10] Spirulina contains various types of Vitamins and minerals including all essential types of it.

11] It also contains iodine, Gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), fatty acid, metallothionein compounds, antioxidant chlorophyll, and carotenoids.

12] Spirulina is highly digestible which is 84-92 percent digestible because it does not have walls.

13] It is very effective in insulating from radiation.

14] In many scientific Studies and researches it has shown that Spirulina enhances the human immune system.

These are the few benefits because of which people call spirulina as Nutritional Superstar.

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